Red Cedar Totem

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30,000.00 Grams

Iv made this totem out of two red ceder slabs. Recycled from a timber gatherer on the Dorigo plato on the mid north coast of eastern Australia. They are what you would call sister slabs as they are a matching pair. There shape is pretty well as i found them just trued up to match perfectly. 

I oxidised the entire back of the peace black and in the middle iv bound with Jute just for a extra touch and the chance to add another natural medium with a nice collar difference.

It stands at seven feet tall and i think it would be best preserved if it was under cover or better still inside. 

I wanted to make this piece with a small foot print 40cm x 40cm but with the height to draw attention to its self even in a large space. 

Smooth flowing lines and natural colors and textures but with a contemporary look and feel.

Personally i think this is one of my best but the name of the game is not to collect my own work lol.

Have a look at the video for a little tour of the peace.

Hope you like it  

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