Pod Necklace

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13.00 Grams

Seed pods have always been one of my favourite inspirational things. It's no pod in particular but I've tried to capture the clean curves with the security and safety that a seed pod offers. I've hand forged the pod's shell and blackened the inside. This makes the pearl stand out deep inside. This is the only necklace that I've used 4 mm rolled Greek leather as I really wanted to make it look natural and organic. I've made my classic hook and catch so it's nice and secure. This piece in particular is a beautiful piece of silversmithing and is up there with one of my best designs. If you like this, make sure you check out my pod earrings as they're the same design but smaller.

A small way I can support what I believe in as an artist is to donate 10% of the sales of my EARTH collection to the wilderness society. They're a great cause on the front line of looking after our forests, deserts and water ways. And in Australia at the moment that's a big call so thanks for your support.

Cheers Jeramie