Oyster Ring

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10.00 Grams
This oyster ring is just beautiful. Its clean fluid lines all enveloping a 9mm pearl. It's simple and clean and a very comfortable ring to wear. It's one of the nicest rings I've made. I designed it together with my Trumpet ring with the idea to design a pearl ring that didn't look like the pearl was just stuck on top and also with enough metal around it to protect the pearl. Size P but can be changed if you let me know your size.
As I'm a bit of a conservationist I'd like to donate 10% of the proceeds of this piece and the entire SALT collection to save the reef foundation. The Australian Government is hell bent on allowing up to 100 million tonnes of seabed to be dredged in Reef World Heritage waters, to make way for 4 new mega ports, serviced by up to 7,000 industrial ships crossing the Reef. This is so they can sell dirty coal and gas to the rest of the world.
Thanks a million for your support xx